Become a member of Seasons of the Sun

Seasons of the Sun Membership is free of charge and open to businesses based on the Sunshine Coast whose primary function lies within the food and beverage industry. Sign up using our APPLICATION FORM.

To learn more about a Seasons of the Sun membership watch our promotional video.

Benefits of Joining

1. Reputation - Seasons of the Sun is about being part of a committed group of food and beverage businesses intent on cementing the Sunshine Coast’s reputation as Australia’s leading location for quality produce.

2. Growth - Seasons of the Sun is about promoting the diversity, quality and seasonal availability of the region’s extensive food and beverage offer to consumers and business in order to grow the total value of the industry.

3. Unity - Seasons of the Sun seeks to unify the region’s 500 plus food and beverage businesses under one brand in order to share the benefits of networking, group marketing initiatives and increased awareness of the region’s seasonal food and beverage offer.

4. Group marketing - Seasons of the Sun is planning on launching a consumer and industry website itemising the range, availability and distribution points of seasonal produce and the promotion of food trails, local food events and food and beverage experiences. Other initiatives include group representation at trade shows and events, business to business marketing and familiarisation visits.

5. Free and easy - Any Sunshine Coast business in the food or beverage industry is welcome to be a part of Seasons of the Sun.

6. All year round promotion - The seasonality and diversity of the region’s produce along with its close proximity to consumers and businesses are key marketing opportunities for Seasons of the Sun.

7. Networking - Seasons of the Sun members will be joining a wide range of existing members ranging from multi-million dollar companies such as Buderim Ginger to smaller boutique producers, farmers, brewers, winemakers and seafood businesses. Restaurants, cafes and catering companies are also involved.

8. Support - Seasons of the Sun has the support of industry and Sunshine Coast Council and is a great example of food and beverage businesses working collaboratively.

9. Smart - By being part of Seasons of the Sun you are promoting the benefits of buying and using seasonal, local produce. Benefits include time and energy savings associated with food transport and storage, and supporting the local community and economy.   

10. Good for the Sunshine Coast - Seasons of the Sun will further enhance the Sunshine Coast’s reputation as a clean, green, quality food and beverage location and as a location where business can flourish. The industry makes a significant contribution to region’s economic, social and environmental well-being.

Sign up now using our APPLICATION FORM.